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Ozone Generator

PZ-250 Specifications:

Ozone output: 250 mg per hour
Air Pump: 1.5 LPM
Ozone production: Dual Dieletric Corona Discharge
Dimensions: 12" l x 8"d x 4.25" h
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Watts: 18      Volts: 110      Amps: 0.15
Limited Warranty: 1 year parts & labor
Includes: One Fine-Pore Ceramic Diffuser and one Olive Oil Extension with Fine-Pore

Warranty is void outside USA. This unit works on 120 v only. If you use the unit in a country where 220 v is used please use a transformer.

How Does it Work?

The PortaZone™ Ozonator uses ordinary air from the environment, which contains approximately 20+% oxygen. This ambient air is drawn by a pump and then channeled through an "ozone chamber" inside the unit.  The corona-discharge element provides a capacitive load. Ozone is produced from oxygen as a direct result of electrical discharge. This corona-discharge ruptures the stable oxygen molecule and forms two oxygen radicals. These radicals combine with oxygen molecules to form ozone. To control and maintain the electrical discharge, a di-electric is present.

The ozone then travels through clear, ozone-resistant tubing with a diffuser on the end. By placing the diffuser in a container of water you will see the ozone gas escaping into the water. The strong distinctive smell verifies the presence of ozone. The PortaZone will put out approximately 250 mgs of ozone per hour. 

Where Is The Oxygen Tank?
No separate oxygen tank is needed to produce ozone in this manner.

There are many uses for an ozonator!

Ozonate Your Drinking Water
Place the diffuser in a glass or container of water. Plug in the unit and run for 1-2 minutes per 8 ounces of water for best saturation. The time it takes to ozonate a glass of water depends on what kind of water you use and what strength water you want. Distilled water is for example reported to hold more ozone than tap water. Keep in mind that water can only hold so much ozone, so no matter how long you ozonate it, it will not get stronger. This is not the case with olive oil. It is best to ozonate a glass at a time as ozone will dissipate from the water within 10-20 minutes. Using distilled water will increase the amount of time the ozone will remain in the water.

Ozonate Your Bath Water
Draw bath water in the normal manner. Place the unit a safe distance from the bath and place the diffuser in water. Do not get in the tub with the unit running. Make sure area is well ventilated. Run the unit in the bath water for approximately 10-15 minutes when using the UV model model. Unplug the unit and remove it from the area. Enjoy a luxurious, relaxing and oxygenated bath!

Clean And Disinfect Your Foods
You can place your grocery bag into a large plastic bag and then stick the hose with the ceramic aerator on it and ozonate the entire grocery bag(s) with all the produce in it for about 3 minutes.

Another method, that can be used in addition to the first one, is to fill up your sink with water. Place the unit a safe distance from the sink and place the diffuser in water. Plug in the unit and run for 2-3 minutes. Place fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, etc. in water with unit still running. Brush and cleanse foods thoroughly while they are being ozonated for another 2-3 minutes. Remove foods from water and air dry. Your produce will stay fresher longer and taste better! Use a bag, shoe box or glass jar to ozonate grains, breads, nuts or other dry foods for 2-3 minutes.

Ozonate Your Refrigerator, Closet, Auto, Etc.
The PortaZone UV may be used to eliminate odors, molds and mildew from many different small areas in your environment. Just place the diffuser (the diffuser can also be removed) into the area to be treated, close off the area and ozonate for up to an hour. Some areas may require several treatments to be effective.

Ozonate Olive Oil
There is an optional tube extension with a diffuser on the end especially for ozonating olive oil. To use, remove the diffuser on the end of the tube then add the extension tube with it's own diffuser on the end. Place the diffuser into the olive oil and ozonate for 25 minutes. Do not use the same diffuser for olive oil as you do for water. Do not take ozonated olive oil more than necessary.

Product Research
This ozonator is produced in accordance with the published research of Dr. Hulda Clark.

We will repair or replace (our option) defective units for free, for up to one full year from date of purchase (save receipt).


Optional, Recommended Equipment:


Extension & Aerator  for Oil      $10.00

On one end is a medium-pore ceramic diffuser/aerator and on the other end a connector.  To use, simply wiggle out the entire diffuser that came with your unit from the hose coming out of the PortaZone. Then insert the connector end of the Olive Oil Extension into the empty hose coming out of your PortaZone unit and you are ready to go!

Use this type of diffuser for washing fruits and vegetables, ozonating bath water, etc..  These diffusers can also be cleaned but should be replaced appox. every 6 months.  If used in oil it will need to be replaced more often. After using your diffuser in olive oil place it in the freezer to prolong it's life by hindering the oil to become rancid. You do not need a diffuser at all if you are ozonating the air.   Detaches For Easy Clean-Up.

Aerators    $7.00

Standard aerator for olive oil, drinking water, bath water, or washing produce. This is the Aerator that comes with the unit. It is a fine-pore ceramic diffuser intended for water OR oil purification.  This diffuser can be cleaned but should be replaced every 6 months or so depending on use and your water.

You need an ozonator to use this aerator.







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