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** Socks, Gloves, Footpad, & Bucket are not included (see below).

Physician Name
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Buy a ReBuilder Model 2407 or Model 300, and get a FREE BOTTLE of the most most potent nerve formula we've seen, called Nerve Renew (1 month supply)

In addition to FREE SHIPPING this month, that is $90 in Savings!!


ReBuilder® Model 300 - $799  
ReBuilder® 300 Kit Includes the following:
- 1 Pair Waterproof Signal Pads
- 1 Set Lead Wires
- Carry Case
- Instructions with photos.  You can also call to talk to a medical professional if you have questions.
**  NOT included are the Garments (socks, gloves) or extra supplies (see below).
Won't last!
Physician Name
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This  next section is where you choose your method(s) of delivering the signal.

High Conductive Silver Socks & Gloves  $150 / PAIR

Provides stimulation evenly to the entire foot or hand. These exclusive Silver Conductive garments are woven with a silver thread for maximum comfort and efficient signal delivery to the entire foot. The stimulation then travels up the leg to the lumbar area and down the other leg to the opposite foot.

Conductive Gloves Conductive Socks

Conductive Gloves for neuropathy for the ReBuilder

The split water bath.   $39
 GREAT way to apply the ReBuilder signal to the feet.  
Includes bucket, 8.5 oz Electrolyte, 1 pair water pads. Use warm water to conduct and improve circulation during your sessions.

Hand bowls.   $39
 GREAT way to apply the ReBuilder signal to the hands.  
Includes 1 pair custom water bowls and 1 bottle Electrolyte 8.5 oz. Maximum comfort for hand position.   Use warm water to conduct and improve circulation during your sessions.


ReBuilder Foot Pad Kit    $280 Easy and convenient to use. Durable, long lasting.  Just set the electrodes down on the floor, wet them with solution, and rest your feet on them.

Can also be used for hands and carpel tunnel!


Annular Electrodes  $199/pair

For Knee, Wrist, Ankle, Elbow, Leg, Hip.   Includes Electrolyte Enhancer.

Conductive annular electrodes in several sizes: 18", 24", 32" and 50".

The small (18") size is more suitable for wrists, ankles and elbows. The medium (24") size continues to be the standard for knee pain, while the large (32") size accommodates those with a larger thigh. The extra-large (50") size is designed to be used around the waist and when paired with the 32" on the upper thigh, can be used to relieve hip pain. 

PLEASE INDICATE WHICH 2 SIZES YOU WANT when checking out.   Ex.  "Two18 inch".  Or...  "One 18 inch and One 24 inch". etc..   

Contact us to discuss before purchasing, so we can make sure you have the right size(s).

List 2 sizes, 1 for each Strap

Electrolyte Signal Enhancer       $45 / $105

Electrolytic solution to increase the conductivity of the ReBuilder stimulation when using the water bath method to apply signal.  

One 8.5 oz. bottle is INCLUDED with the socks, gloves, footpads, and straps above.  (approximately 2 months supply with twice daily use on the foot pads.)

1 Gallon bottle lasts approximately 12-18 months supply, depending frequency of use.




Self-Adhesive Pads

These are long lasting replacement adhesive pads for use with the ReBuilder®. 

Adhesive Pads


Give your nerves the most potent nourishment formula in the world.

Reduce numbness & tingling in hands, feet, legs
Lessen the pain & burning sensations
Support & strengthened nerves & nerve linings
Reduce stress & anxiety
Improve balance and coordination
Increase energy
Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have discovered what we feel is the most potent nerve formula in the world!  By adding this to your ReBuilder treatments, you can greatly enhance it's effectiveness. 

Minimum 3 Month period is HIGHLY recommended for best results.  (longer is even better) 

1 Bottle = 1 Month.   Save when you buy more.



Price: $59 / 1 Bottle



Advanced Bio Magnet Therapy Kit

Magnet Therapy Protocols for over 170 Conditions, including NERVE HEALTH.

Regenerate Nerves, Connective Tissue, Joints & Broken Bones
Improve Circulation & Cellular Vitality
Balance the Nervous System for Supportive Healing
Immediately Increase the Body's Immune Functions
Reset and Balance the Body's Chemistry
Reduce Inflammation
Support resolution of acute, Chronic & Serious Illness
Eliminate Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Relieve Acute Pain, Joint Pain, Back Pain, Back Trauma
Stimulates Detoxification
Eliminate Arthritis Joint Pain
Reverses Free Radical activity

Price: $179.95

PortaZone P250 Ozone Generator

Ozone therapy is proven effective for a WIDE VARIETY of ailments.  It is one of the single most beneficial therapies you can do to detoxify the body and rid your body of parasitic invaders that cripple our immune system and other systems like the NERVOUS SYSTEM. 

As it relates to neuropathy and nerve health, ozone proves the following benefits:

- Increases active oxygen for use within the body
- cleans arteries and veins, improves peripheral circulation
- reduces inflammation body wide
- chelates heavy metals (works well in conjunction with EDTA)
- breaks down solvents, PCBs, chlorine, and 100's more
- inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus and protozoa
- stimulates the immune system 
- purifies the blood and lymph
- normalizes hormone and enzyme production
- reduces pain, calms the nerves
- prevents stroke damage
- improves brain function and memory 
- prevents and reverses degenerative diseases
- decreases allergic reactions

Price $289


The Vitalizer Plus

The Vitalizer Plus creates structured hexagonal water packed with oxygen, energy, and a raised pH.  Although the Vitalizer Plus may not be the first choice when it comes to fighting neuropathy, it can be a wonderful addition to your arsenal.

  • Increased Oxygenation at the Cellular Level
  • Super Cellular Hydration and Revitalization
  • Improve nutrient delivery into cells
  • Improve cellular waste functions
  • Activate enzymes, immune system support and greater metabolic balance
  • Alkaline pH
  • Electron-rich free-radical neutralization and cleansing
    Your body will love you!

Price $449 


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