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Inventor Showcased on Heartbeat of America by William Shatner

Dr. David Phillips, Ph.D, CEO of ReBuilder Medical Technologies was recently awarded the Heartbeat of America Award.  

Produced by William Shatner and aired in November 2007, the broadcast showcases the ReBuilder & Phillips Treatment Systems. You can order a broadcast copy.


A word from the inventor:

Inventor of the ReBuilder for neuropathy, David B. Phillips, Ph.D.

"By the time most people reach this site they are feeling frustrated, discounted and a bit discouraged.  I felt that way when I searched for a solution to my dad's leg pain.  It felt like we were getting "the bum's rush" when we visited the doctor.  The visits were rushed and short, and all we were offered was the advice to "live with it.  It's going to get worse over time.  You might wind up in a wheelchair." He was prescribed expensive prescription pain meds that caused his thinking to become fuzzy and made the tingling and numbness worse.  Sleeping was becoming a problem so he began to avoid planning social events because he could not predict his balance and gait.

I had experienced similar feelings when my four children were very young and I was uncomfortable with mercury glass thermometers.  I did some research on my own and invented the very first infrared ear thermometer (FirsTemp) for which I received the Inventor Of The Year Award in 1987.

So I went back to the lab and developed the ReBuilder™.  I reasoned that the problem was similar to the feeling one has when he sits on his foot and it "goes asleep" The tingling, the heaviness had a know cause...pressure on the nerve and pressure on the blood supply feeding the nerve that resulted in a temporary oxygen deprivation.  The body had its own simple remedy: remove the pressure and then wake up the nerve by sending a larger that normal signal up the nerve by tapping your foot on the ground.

If that was the solution, then perhaps I could design a simple device to duplicate that natural solution.  I had to develop our own lab equipment to measure what a healthy nerve signal looked like, and then I could develop an instrument that duplicated that signal precisely.  I wanted the treatment to be simple, comfortable and dignified.  I also wanted to increase blood flow to provide more oxygen and nutrients to the newly awakened nerves, so I used a warm water footbath to transmit the ReBuilder's healing signals to the feet.  This warm water has the effect of opening up blood vessels by the process called vasodilation.  By separating the water into 2 separate compartments, I could direct these signals up one leg, across the nerve roots in the lower back and then down the other leg.  This would treat all the nerves, not just some of them.

Finally, I added another signal, overlaid on the nerve stimulation signal, that would exercise the calf muscles and strengthen them.  This would increase blood supply to the legs and strengthen them because he had lost some muscle mass by his avoidance of walking because of the pain and tingling in his feet from the peripheral neuropathy.

An unexpected benefit was what these signals had on the brain.  The soothing signals caused the brain to release endorphins, internal pain relievers that travel via the blood stream to reduce pain and anxiety all over the body.  Now he could sleep better, and the pain from arthritis and his sore back were temporarily relieved as well!

Now you too can benefit from the ReBuilder™.   I decided to sell the ReBuilder™ directly to the patient, bypassing the middleman, to reduce the cost.  I decided to offer the ReBuilder™ on the internet so that you would have access to as much information as possible to help determine if the ReBuilder™ is the right choice for you.

Because credibility is an issue on the Internet, and because most neuropathy sufferers have tried so many other things unsuccessfully, I decided to offer a 100% money back guarantee so that you can try it in your own home to see if it can help you.  If, after 30 days of using the ReBuilder™, you decide that it was not the best solution for you, you can return it in the next 30 days for a full refund.  Wouldn't it have been nice if your prescriptions came with that sort of guarantee? Wouldn't it be great if our doctors offered guarantees?

Brian talks to a patientWhile you are trying your ReBuilder™ at home, you will not be alone.  We have licensed medical professionals on staff that you can call Monday - Friday 7:30am - 8pm EST to help you with questions about the use of your ReBuilder™.  They can share with you tips, ideas and other resources that thousands of satisfied ReBuilder™ users have shared with us that might be helpful for you.

Please, take your time and read every word and watch every video we have provided. Bookmark this page and return to it from time to time to see what new things we have posted.  Sign up for your own DVD and special report that we will send to you at our expense so you can consider all this at your leisure and with your family."

David B. Phillips


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